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Position, consolidate and guarantee the air transport service in Manizales, as a safe, agile, convenient, timely and reliable transportation system for citizens and tourists, articulated with the environment, protecting the environment and becoming a component of social responsibility and competitiveness for the region and for the nation.


  • Be the friendly face of the city's public transportation.
  • Be friendly with the environment and promote these practices.
  • Generate the Air Cable culture in educational establishments at all levels.
  • Recover the good name and position ourselves as the best company in the city.
  • Be the first alternative and best option of public transport in the city.
  • Attract the users of the Area of ​​influence and the foreigners, for the quality of attention and service.
  • Promote and sponsor the construction of more aerial cable lines in the city of Manizales.
  • Articulate and integrate the existing lines of the current Air Cable, with the project of line 3, to generate a strategic urban and autonomous public transport system.
  • Search for new business nationally and internationally, with a competent portfolio of services.
  • Implement objectivity and veracity in the Publicity Front (Advertising Image).
  • Carry out activities with a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility.


The Aerial Cable of Manizales is a means of public transport of passengers in the city of Manizales, being one of the few aerial means that there is in Colombia, communicating several points of the city. This means of transport has already become an icon of the city in a short time since its inauguration.
Vía Panamericana – Estación Cámbulos – Terminal de Transportes
+57 6 8752200

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+57 6 8752200Vía Panamericana – Estación Cámbulos – Terminal de Transportes